PartnerConnect Insider Networking

Welcome to PartnerConnect Insider Networking (PIN) series, an exclusive series of gatherings—typically dinners—for LPs, family offices and fund managers, featuring targeted networking, topical discussions, and world-class entertainment.

The PIN series began in 2014 as a way for Buyouts Insider to have more intimate gatherings beyond—and between—our industry leading PartnerConnect events. We typically host 25-40 attendees (more than half institutional investors, and the remainder made up of select fund managers and key industry guests).

  • Past venues include Carnegie Hall, Soho House, The University Club and other off-the-beaten path high end establishments
  • Past culinary experts featured include Chef Alex Seidel and Donelan Family Wines
  • Past entertainment includes David Bryan (Grammy-winning keyboardist for Bon Jovi, Tony-winning lyricist for Memphis the musical), QuestLove (drums and leader of The Roots, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), Elaine Kwon (pianist featured at Carnegie Hall), and other headlining performers

Dates, entertainment, discussion topics, and related details are worked out in collaboration with the ‘Insider Advisory Committee.’

For more information on participating in the ‘Committee’ or on upcoming events contact Kevin McCaffrey, Director, at

What are PartnerConnect Events?

The editors of Buyouts, VCJ and have developed a networking event unlike any you’ve experienced. Senior executives from every part of the private equity/venture capital value chain converge for 2+ days of unparalleled networking, idea generation and deal-making opportunities. Hundreds of top-rated elite experts share actionable advice specifically on:

  • LPs and Fundraising
  • The Macro Private Markets/Alternative Assets Landscape
  • Middle Market Deals & Financing
  • Venture and Growth Equity
  • Private Real Estate
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • And much, much more.

Institutional investors are faced with crucial risk-return decisions around allocating capital to private market investment fund managers while, in turn, demanding more knowledge of the workings of these industries.

Meanwhile, fund managers in private equity, venture capital, growth equity, and real assets work furiously at putting existing capital to work to seize on the challenging-yet-dynamic environment.

With more than 2500 attendees in 2015, over 600 LPs, and over 1500 private 1:1 meetings in our meetings program, PartnerConnect Events are an experience like no other.

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