Unparalleled networking amongst new & diverse fund managers and LPs looking to back them in the PE & VC industries

If you are a new manager or looking to connect with emerging private funds, make sure to join us at Emerging Manager Connect, brought to you by PartnerConnect Events. This one-day event will bring together GPs and LPs in private equity & venture capital to discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead.

LPs will meet new and diverse managers in private equity & venture capital; find out how to assess co-investment opportunities with Emerging Managers and Independent Sponsors; get the scoop on seeding Emerging Managers; learn how to identify the most promising Emerging Managers; and more.

Emerging Managers will meet the LPs actively looking to back new and diverse managers; learn best practices from successful fundraisers; get pro tips on how to build and compensate a new team; find out how to balance limited resources with compliance needs; and more.

Service providers such as placement agents, law firms, bankers and accountants will be introduced to hot new funds in private equity & venture capital; learn about the unique needs of new and diverse funds; and more.

As well as benefitting from the forward-thinking educational opportunities, the conference offers our unique ExecConnect program — our famous 1:1 private meetings between Emerging Managers and LPs. You’re sure to meet new investors eager to put money to work in the asset class.

Register by 7/9/2019 to take advantage of ExecConnect at Emerging Manager Connect!

Today's new managers will be tomorrow's superstars. Don't miss out on the chance to forge new relationships at Emerging Emerging Manager Connect.

What is an Emerging Manager?

Generally speaking, Emerging Managers will be firms early in their existence, raising institutional capital for funds one, two or three. This category would also include diverse and female-operated firms, transition groups who've spun out of larger firms, fundless sponsors, and many funds under $1 billion in size. By strategy we welcome private markets fund managers of all kinds, including private equity, venture capital, real estate, growth equity, mezzanine debt, and more. In short, we cast a broad net. If you don't know if you're an emerging manager or not, give us a call and we'll talk you through it. For more information, please contact Vikash Magdani at

ExecConnect Meetings With LPs

Now celebrating our eighth year of our ExecConnect Private Meeting Program, we are proud to say we've arranged over 9,000 1:1 meetings between fund managers and limited partners. Based on feedback from our participants, hundreds of millions in commitments have been made by LPs to GPs they met in our program. Participants efficiently move through 20 minute private meetings. For more information, click here.

Why Should You Attend Emerging Manager Connect 2019


  • Save time: Network with scores of smaller, hard-to-find, nichy, diverse, emerging managers which are difficult to find at other events, and which won't necessarily know how to find you
  • Share knowledge with our following of industry leading LPs who are aggressive on allocating capital to new managers.
  • Take home the data on which LPs have performed the best when backing managers, and how they did it.
  • One-of-a-kind presentations and handouts offering hard data on emerging manager lists, analysis and performance.
  • Quickly screen managers through our famous ExecConnect meetings program, where you can meet with just the GPs you'd like in private 20 minute sessions - meetings which would take you many weeks and $1,000s of dollars to execute otherwise.
  • With so many managers from so many places offering so many strategies, you'll be able to meet folks your consultant might never show you.


  • Meet top LPs with fresh capital who are ready to back emerging managers now
  • Get competitive intelligence on which other new funds are getting raised, and why
  • Take home data on top LPs backing fund managers
  • Save time: Your time is at a premium. Don't waste it setting up loads of meetings all over the country. Knock out an 8, 10, 12 meetings with LPs in one day.
  • Billions of dollars in capital have been committed through our famous ExecConnect 1:1 meetings program.
  • Discover what the most selective and intelligent LPs are thinking when they're looking at first time fund managers
  • Take home checklists and guidelines for emerging managers; plus Do's and Don'ts for initial roadshows
  • Save money: in a single day, efficiently secure a loads of + ExecConnect 1:1 meetings with LPs from around the country, which would cost you more than $15,000 to vet and set up on your own - for a fraction of that cost
  • Let us be your placement agent! Rather than spending $100,000 plus on placement agents, come to our event, where we screen and set up meetings for you. $100s of millions have been committed in capital via our famous ExecConnect meetings program.
  • Network with top-notch service providers known for helping first time funds set up shop smoothly and quickly.

Placement Agents, Law Firms, Accountants, Bankers, Lenders And other Service Providers

  • Establish relationships with new managers on the ground floor - relationships that can last twenty and thirty years.
  • Discover one-of-a-kind intelligence on the new manager market - from the events brand that has been helping GPs fundraise for longer than anyone else.
  • Network with LPs interested in smaller, diverse and emerging managers.
  • Take home detailed contact sheets and presentations which will further cement your mastery of the new manager space.
  • For any service provider interested in a long term presence in the private markets, this event is indispensable.
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