Limited Partners attend our events for free, through taking a handful of meetings in the program.

For more information on attending as a institutional investor, please contact Grant Catton at gcatton@buyoutsinsider.com.

General Partners raising capital have a variety of options to enter the meetings program.

For more information on ExecConnect packages and maximizing your participation, please contact Kevin McCaffrey at kmccaffrey@buyoutsinsider.com.

Mark Cecil, Conference Director
Phone: 800-455-5844 
PartnerConnect, 747 3rd Avenue, Suite 234,
New York, NY 10017

ExecConnect is designed with the networking needs of our attendees in mind.

The ExecConnect Private Meeting program actively arranges one-on-one meetings between lenders, bankers, LPs and GPs so you'll have time to meet who you need to meet in a private setting. The 20-minute meetings are pre-scheduled by conference directors ensuring you meet with executives who best match your fundraising and investment goals. 

According to a study we recently conducted, dozens of commitments have been made by our participating LPs to our participating managers through this program. In the majority of cases the LP has met the GP for the first time at our event. In 2014 alone we conducted over 1,400 1:1 meetings between LPs and GPs, with commitments ranging from a few million dollars to larger, anchor-sized investments.

These meetings save both the LP and GP time and money, making everyone more efficient. Our participants manage their own schedules, and can take up to 15 meetings in a day—all at a time of their choosing. The brief nature of the meetings allows both parties to decide if they will advance their discussion to a second meeting.