Looking to meet the right institutional investors to raise your next fund? Here's a no-obligation way to see if ExecConnect is right for you.

ExecConnect is a private meeting program that runs alongside our agenda at our PartnerConnect conferences. We proactively arrange one-on-one meetings between fund managers and institutional investors looking to invest in funds like yours.

Participants in the meetings are pre-screened by conference directors based on profiles each party completes in advance of the conference before scheduling takes place - ensuring you meet with firms that best match your fundraising and investment goals. This program creates an extremely efficient and cost-effective use of your time.

Are you a good fit for ExecConnect?

Here's a no obligation way to find out.

Complete the confidential form below. Take a brief survey of your firm's investment profile. It takes less than 3 minutes to finish. We'll match it against a similar profile completed by hundreds of institutional investors attending our conferences. We'll contact you with the results, then you can decide whether - or to what extent - you will partner with us in ExecConnect at an upcoming event.

Our ExecConnect meetings program takes place at our PartnerConnect private market events, hosted in Boston, New York, Dallas, San Francisco and Chicago, among other locations. PartnerConnect is an "events of events" which combines several private market conferences all under one roof, with attendees free to move from one event to the next. Click on the video above to hear what our attendees have to say.

PartnerConnect has facilitated more than 4,000 meetings between PE/VC fund managers and instiutional investors over the last five years.

What do institutional investors say about the managers the meet at ExecConnect?

"These meetings were very useful and led to real investment projects with several of the managers we met." -- $22B+ Fund of Funds Manager

"We continue to maintain dialogue with many of the managers we’ve met." -- $85B+ Insurance Company

There are a few firms that are not currently fundraising but we anticipate maintaining a dialogue and following up nearer to their next fundraise." -- $6B Insurance Company

"I find these events very effective and a good format to pre-screen GP’s." – Advisor to Endowments & Foundations

"We use these meetings to target managers in spaces we feel we are light in or have interest in. They have led to good long term relationships. We definitely find them to be value add." -- Private Markets Advisory Firm

"We are currently evaluating a commitment to 3 of the funds, will evaluate one when it comes to market next year, and are tracking 6 to 7 funds to see how they develop over time. We have developed meaningful relationships that will likely lead to future commitments." -- Private Equity Investment Arm of $350B AUM Insurance Company

"I am in serious discussions with a manager I met earlier last year and am moving toward making a fund investment in 1Q15." – Investment Division of $30B Insurance Company

"We are now regularly looking at deals together with several managers with whom we’ve met." -- $25B+ Alternative Investment Advisor

"We are in discussions with a number of them. In fact, I have a call with one of them in five minutes." – Venture-focused Funds of Funds

"We are likely to invest in a manager we met the next time they come to market." – Dallas-based multi-family office